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LiNbO 3 Crystal

LiNbO 3 is widely used as electro-optic modulator and Q-switch for Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF and Ti:Sapphire lasers as well as modulator for fiber optics, etc. The transverse modulation is mostly employed for LiNbO 3 crystal.

If the light propagates in z-axis and electric field applies to x-axis, the refractive retardation will be G = p Lnr22V/ l d. The electro-optic coefficients of LiNbO 3 are:
r 33 = 32 pm/V, r 31 = 10 pm/V, r 22 = 6.8 pm/V at low frequency
r 33 = 31 pm/V, r 31 = 8.6 pm/V, r 22 = 3.4 pm/V at high electric frequency.

MgO:LiNbO 3 and ZnO: LiNbO 3 crystals have similar electro-optic properties to LiNbO 3 but with higher damage threshold.

The refractive index of an optical medium is altered by the presence of sound, this is called acousto-optic effect which can be used in many devices include optical modulators, switches, deflectors, filters, frequency shifters and spectrum analyzers. Dayoptics provide several kinds of acousto-optic crystals: LiNbO 3 SAW wafers, LiTaO 3 SAW wafers. TeO 2 and PbMnO 4 crystals.

KTP Crystal

KTP has promising E-O and dielectric properties comparable to those of LiNbO 3 , which makes it extremely useful to various E-O devices. The following table gives the comparison of KTP and thos commonly used E-O modulator materials:

Material Phase Amplitude
e 5 r pm/V k 10 -6 /C n 7 r 2 / e
(pm/V) 2
r pm/V k 10 -6 /C n 7 r 2 / e
(pm/V) 2
KTP 15.4 1.80 35.0 31 6130 27.0 11.7 3650
LiNbO 3 27.9 2.20 31.0 82 7410 20.1 42 3500
KD*P 48.0 1.47 26.4 9 178 24.0 8 178
LiIO 3 5.9 1.47 6.4 24 335 1.2 15 124

When these properties are combined with high damage threshold, low optical loss at high average power, wide optical bandwidth, thermal and mechanical stability, KTP crystals are expected to replace LiNbO 3 crystals as E-O modulators, especially for mode-locking diode laser pumped Nd:YAG and Nd:YLF lasers as well as Ti:Sapphire and Cr:LiSrAlF 6 lasers.

LiTaO 3

LiTaO 3 crystal is also widely used E-O crystal, due to its optical, NLO and E-O poperties similar to those of LiNbO 3 crystal, but with higher damage threshold (> 500 MW/cm 2 for ns pulsed).


Transparent Range: 0.4 - 5.0 µm;
E-O Coefficient: r 33 =30.4;
Refractive Indices: n o =2.176, n e =2.180 @ 633 nm.


Diameter: f 40mm ~ f 102mm
Length: 50mm ~ 150mm
Orientation: X, Z, 36Y, 42Y, 128Y
Polish: 0.016 m m


  • Diameter: f 40mm ~ f 102mm
  • Length: 0.2~1.2mm
  • Orientation: X, Z, 36Y, 42Y, 128Y
  • Flatness:
    <10mm for f 40 ~ 65mm
    <15mm for f 65 ~ 102mm
  • Bow:
    <20mm for f 40~ 65 mm
    <40mm for f 65 ~102mm


  • Size: 100x45x1.5mm ~ 120x40x2mm

Parameter of LN and LT

Part Name: ------------LiNbo3 ------------LiTaO3
Crystal Class: -------Trigonal -------------Trigonal
Point Group:---------------3m------------------- 3m
Space Group: --------------R3c ----------------R3c
Lattice Point: ----a:0.5148 c:1.3863 --------a:0.5154c:1.3784
Melting Point: -----------1250 ---------------------1650
Density: -------------------4.64 ---------------------7.46
Curie Temp: ---------------~1160 --------------------~607
Hardness:---------------------5-------------------------- 5.5
Dielectric Coefficient; -e 11/E0:85 e 33/E0:29.5--------- e 11/E0:51.7 e33/E0:44.5
Elastic Stiffness ----------CE11:2.04 ---------------CE11:2.33
Coefficient:(x10 -11 C/m2) -------CE11:2.46 -------CE11:2.77
Piezoelectric Stresses --------d22:2.04 -------------d22:2.4
Coefficient (x10 -11 C/N) --------d22:19.22 -----------------d22:0.8

BBO Crystal

BBO crystals with Z-cut is an excellent electro-optic crystal combining good physical properties, it's suitable for high power applications. It launchs a super Q-switch for a cw diode pumped Nd:YAG laser with average power >50w.Please refer to Page 14 for more information about BBO crystal.

We can provide as large as 10x10x25mm BBO for high power application.