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1) Diameter : max. 25mm
2) Length: max. 30mm
3) Surface Quality: better than 2 0/10 scratch/dig Per MIL-0-13830A
4) Beam Deviation: <3 arc min
5) Optical Axis Orientation: +/-0.2
6) Flatness: < l /4 @633nm
7) Transimission Wavfront Distortion: < l /2 @633nm
8) Coating: upon customer's Specification

Physical and Optical Properties
Transparency Range 500~4000nm
Crystal Symmetry Zircon tetragonal, space group D4h
Crystal Cell A=b=7.12 Å c=6.29 Å
Density 4.22 g/cm 2
Hygroscopic Susceptibility high
Mohs Hardness 5
Thermal Optical Coefficient Dn a /dT=8.5x10 -6 /K; dn c /dT=3.0x10 -6 /K
Thermal Conductivity Coefficient ||C: 5.23 w/m/k; C:5.10w/m/k
Crystal Class Positive uniaxial with no=na=nb, ne=nc
Refractive Indices, Birefringence( n=ne-no) and Walk-Off Angle at 45 deg() No=1.9929, ne=2.2154, n=0.2225, =6.04 at 630nm
No=1.9500, ne=2.1554, n=0.2054, =5.72 at 1300nm
No=1.9447, ne=2.1486, n=0.2039, =5.69 at 1550nm
Sellmeier Equation ( l in m m) n o 2 =3.77834+0.069736/( l 2 -0.04724)-0.0108133 l 2 n e 2 =24.5905+0.110534/( l 2 -0.04813)-0.0122676 l 2

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