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Based on the manufacture of ordinary Polarization Beam Splitting, Dayoptics adopts the technology of Optical-Bonding.


Firstly is optically-contacted, refers to the use of molecular gravity to achieve the adhesion between two prisms, no glue, just a little pressure to make two clean smooth and shape consistent optical surface adsorption together process.  Two objects contact surface more smooth friction is more small rule applies only to a certain range, when the smooth degree of surface exceeds a certain limit, the more smooth, the friction force is, the greater the because too smooth molecules on the surface of the two adjacent tightly, the distance between each other is very small, can be due to electromagnetic between two molecules on the surface of the role and attract each other, the more smooth, the distance between the molecules is smaller, the greater the appeal. It is difficult to separate two parts or to make them move about each other, for the resultant attraction of many molecules on the contact surface of two bodies is greater than the adhesion of superglue.


Secondly, finished product manufactured by optical-contacted, firmness is strongest and its surface flatness still maintains the high precision level. Based on this, taking them under high temperature doing the Optical Bonding by unique technology from Dayoptics. Optical Bonding was processed in an airtight, dust-free environment. According to different materials, set the temperature made the molecules of contacted surface get activate, so that they can fully fuse. Then with the changing of temperature, molecular state is stabilized, it makes the molecular in the contacted surface more compact and has a strong tolerance for temperature.


Because no adhesive is used, and through the special process of high temperature, the influence of the adhesive on the surface of the product is avoided to improve the laser damage threshold of the product. It can be achieved 15 J/ cm2 @1064 nm 10 ns,20 Hz damage threshold or even more higher on the binding surface.


Application: MICRO-OPTICS ASSEMBLY, High Power Waveplate, High Power PBS