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Fifteenth Birthday of Dayoptics.
2021-12-22 Browse:5129 Origin:Fuzhou Dayoptics ,Inc

15 years, Dayoptics. Inc has grown up, based on fuzhou, relying on hunan, facing the global market, Dayoptics and Dayoptronics  is optical polarization beam splitter, cylindrical prism and reflector leader in optical components, The production and sales at a speed of more than 50% growth year after year, become the domestic and foreign fiber laser& optical fiber communication in areas such as one of important optical components suppliers.

Fuzhou is an important city of optical components processing, is one of the original sources of optical communication passive components manufacturing in China.Dayoptics Inc has evolved from small to large to become a major player in the industry.

Optical components engaged in optical communication, optical fiber laser products such as the core components, is the key to affect the product performance, reliability, determines the beam quality, can be said to affect the whole body.This field emphasizes slow work and meticulous work, and has a high requirement for people, so it also tests the team and corporate culture of Guangcheng.No matter the staff in Fuzhou or Hunan, no matter the leader or the staff at the basic level, no matter which position you are in, you are all a member of guangcheng family.Had this warm big family, just had the foundation that Dayoptics sincerity moves forward ceaselessly and power.