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Renaming Announcement
2021-07-27 Browse:4251 Origin:

Dear Customers and partners,


Due to business development and equityrestructuring, since June 30, 2021, Fuzhou Dayoptics, Inc. has been renamed toFujian Dayoptics, Inc..


Besides renaming, Fujian Dayoptics, Inc. increasedthe registered capital and also expanded 8,000 square meter facility.  Other business information remain the same,such as logo “Dayoptics”, address, contact information, web site, E-mailaddress, etc.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience causedto you.


In order to better service with your side, we areestablishing a new ERP system for Fujian Dayoptics, Inc..  The orders shipped by "Fuzhou Dayoptics,Inc.", they will be paid with "Fuzhou Dayoptics, Inc.".  Thus "Fuzhou Dayoptics, Inc."is still available until all the previous orders been paid.    


For all your unfinished orders, they will be movedto Fujian Dayoptics,Inc..


Please  add and save our new information  in your system:
BENEFICIARY: Fujian Dayoptics, Inc.
Bank:China Construction Bank Fujian Branch
Bank Account: 
35050100240609214096 ( USD  Account)
35050100240609233096 ( EUR  Account)
Bank Address:No.142 Guping Rd.,Fuzhou, Fujian
Address:6 Yangqi Branch,8 Jinshan Fuwan Park,Fuzhou, Fujian, 350008, China.
Tel: +86 591 8321 5681        Fax: +86 591 8321 5359


We thank you for your long time cooperation andsupport!


Best wishes,


Fujian Dayoptics, Inc.

(Formerly Fuzhou Dayoptics, Inc.)