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Dayoptics’ Micro-optics assembly can withstand more than 300W for high power laser damage threshold. The loss of P-polarized and S-polarized can be<1.5% and the divergence Angle is <1 milliarc,it is adopted optical bonding. And it can work well during -20℃—80℃. In this way, greatly reduce the laser loss.

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At present, domestic low-power optical fiber laser technology has become mature. With the demand for high-power optical fiber laser increasing, it is great challenges for the core device:pump source. A better solution is that the semiconductor laser couples into fiber output. In this way, the flexible transmission of optical fiber can be used to increase the flexibility of use, and the output beam quality of semiconductor laser can be fundamentally improved. So far, the high power fiber coupling technology semiconductor laser array mainly adopts fiber beam coupling method and micro-optics system coupling method. In the coupling method of optical system, Dayoptics’  high-power micro-optics assembly is your best choice.

Micro-optics assembly is made of two pieces 45°right angle prism and a half waveplate, which the optical axis is 45°along with the edge. When two P-polarized light perpendicular into the assembly, one of P-polarized light is transmitted, other one is changed to S-polarized light through the half waveplate, then turn to 90°and Combined beams with first P-polarized light after through the 45°right angle prism. Certainly, if it is S-polarized light, need to adjust the position of the waveplate.


Advantages: High damage threshold; Low loss; Small divergence angle; Excellent temperature-stable ability




Surface Flatness<λ/4@633nm(or better)
Surface Quality20/10Scratch/Dig
Clear Aperture>85%
Beam Deviation<3′< td="">
CoatingPBS Coating,Tp>96%,Ts<0.1@AOI=45°;AR Coating,R<0.2%@1064nm< td="">
Damaged Threshold@1064nm,10ns> 15J/cm2

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Part No.DimensionDimension Tolerance(mm)

Minimum Order Quality:5pcs

Note:We can make the Micro-Optics Assembly according to your requirements.