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Attend CLEO 2016 Successfully
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DayOptics had participated in the CLEO 2016 Laser Science To Photonics Applications Expo.  &  Tech. Conf. at San Jose Convention Center,San Jose,California,USA  on 6th June 2016.CLEO is one of  the most strong impact of global Photonics Expo. which focus on breakthrough research and applied innovations in ultrafast lasers,energy-efficiency optics,quantum electronics and biophotonics. DayOptics showed new products of independent research and development ,like high power waveplate,high power polarization beamsplitter,high transmission Glan-laser polarizer for customers around the world At this Expo. ,and many phontonics territory customers around the world were attracted by  these excellent products. We have establish preliminary cooperation intention with some customers at this CLEO Expo. ,outlooking bright future along with CLEO2016 ceremonious closing on 10th June 2016.